“We recently worked with Cheryl Cahn as our listing agent for the sale of our home in the Berkeley hills. We had worked with Cheryl twice before, as she helped us sell our first home, and helped us buy our second. Both transactions were so successful, and the experience of working with Cheryl so positive, we elected to work with her a third time.

What we appreciated most about Cheryl was her loyalty to us, and her tough dedication through every stage of the sale. She was extremely professional and organized. Also, she was a calming presence in the face of our anxiety about the sale. She did not promise the moon, but offered instead her educated and informed opinion about what we should expect.”
- Stephan and Catherine Roche

“My wife and I met Cheryl at an open house for one of her listings in the Berkeley hills over seven years ago. From that first meeting with her, we knew we wanted her as our agent. Since then she has helped us sell and buy more than five properties. We have had great experiences utilizing her services in listing our properties, guiding us through the maze of paperwork, and most importantly, helping us understand each offer and identifying the best value for our real estate. She thoughtfully listened to our wishes and helped us realize our goals.”
- Hamid Tehrani & Farimah Azarm

“When I made the decision to sell my North Berkeley home of 23 years, I knew I wanted to work with a real estate agent who could offer me more than technical knowledge. I wanted someone I could form a working friendship with; someone I could depend on to support me emotionally as well as help me through all the details of selling. I wanted someone who would help me make the best decisions at every stage—a true professional. Cheryl met those needs. I always felt she had my best interests at heart and she was always willing to hear my thoughts while offering advice based on her many years of experience. It was a very happy collaboration. We got the job done and I felt good about it all the way through.”
- Sue Barrera

“Cheryl’s most valuable quality to us is her integrity, which is no small thing in our dog-eat-dog real estate market! She has a true and deep character which allows her to know and empathize with the needs of others. She is someone you can trust with important life decisions. She also has a natural sense of aesthetics and style and is just a lovely person!”
- Jane Wickman and Ron Bieselin

“We recently purchased a house in North Berkeley with the assistance of Cheryl Cahn. Our experience with Cheryl was fantastic. She was patient, listened well, helped us clarify our desires and was persistent and responsive in her search.

On top of being such a nice person, Cheryl is a tough and creative negotiator and we are convinced that her efforts on this part of the transaction saved us at least $25,000 on the ultimate price we paid. We believe that a prospective buyer can do no better than Cheryl for finding and purchasing a house in the Berkeley area.”
- Pete Neuwirth and Tali Barr

“Our home was one my Dad built 60 years ago, and needed a lot of fixing up. We were seriously considering selling it “As Is”, but with Cheryl’s encouragement and ideas, we had it repaired and painted. It turned out so nice, my Mom and Dad would have been so pleased. Thank you Cheryl!”
- The Masons

“Cheryl is a true professional and knows how to deal with different situations. I think she has mastered the education and experience requirements in real estate with “ZEN” fashion. She knew the housing market and has done an excellent job with staging the property and presenting it.

My previous agent failed to sell the property for six months. Cheryl somehow was able to produce two offers within three weeks. She definitely has a crystal ball that can bring successful sales.”
- Bulent Birkan

“Cheryl did a very professional job marketing and selling our two units in Oakland. Her attention to detail and ongoing communication during the process were much appreciated. We were also quite surprised and gratified at the huge overbid she obtained for us in the sale.”
- George and Kathryn Linehan

“How can I describe Cheryl Cahn, the real estate agent? Two words say it all: THE BEST. My husband and I became acquainted with Cheryl when she, in a very short time, sold the house down the street from our home in Berkeley. From the very beginning of our relationship, we were pleased, and sometimes a little astounded at the expertise which Cheryl demonstrated. She is a gifted salesperson in all aspects; from designing a brochure, advertising, and inducing other realtors, to the actual writing of the contract. Primarily because of her knowledge and plain old hard work, our house was sold in one month.

Our home had been ours for 28 years. It had watched the growth of our children. Cheryl, in her gentle but professional manner, made it easier to leave.”
- Jim and Rosemerry R. Hill

“In the years since we purchased our home, Cheryl has continued to be my first resource for advice when I need to hire a contractor, or most recently, have an appraisal done on my property. She is always just a phone call away. ”
- Peter Bernhardt

“I have worked with Cheryl Cahn for 23 years, through the sale of two houses and the purchase of two others. Throughout our relationship she has been well-informed, knowledgeable, prompt and professional. She has been able to advise on what to look for in a prospective house as well as what to take care of in selling one. She has acted as a resource for advice on consultants and trades, current costs and trends. She has lived in Berkeley and North Oakland for 30 years, and is intimately familiar with the communities as well as local aspects of residential real estate. It has been a pleasure to work with her and I recommend her services enthusiastically.”
- Rev. Eliza M. Linley

“Cheryl approaches her work and life with great integrity and style. Her commitment to provide her clients with guidance and support has been unwavering.”
- Alfred D. Moore and Deborah A. Cooksey

“Cheryl’s professional advice and contacts as well as her follow up service, has more than assured me that she is the correct choice as a top level real estate specialist. She sees the big picture and at the same time gets the details right. It has certainly been a pleasure working with her.”
- Oliver Dyer-Bennet